What is Alarm?

Im working on an article about anxiety from the perspective of me as doctor and me as patient as Ive dealt with anxiety my whole life. I don’t really believe that anxiety is the main problem. I think the main issue is a sense of alarm. Trauma, I believe is stored in the body and is subjectively felt as a sense of alarm, usually somewhere between the navel and the throat. That sense of alarm is the cause and generator of anxious thoughts. The anxious thoughts maintain the Alarm as the Alarm maintains the anxious thoughts in a vicious cycle. Thats why anxiety is so hard to treat, as we are trying to treat the anxious thoughts rather than focus on the cause, which is the sense of alarm.
I got through medical school by creating acronyms and mnemonics so I could remember information and I created one, using the word ALARM. This is meant to focus on what creates alarm in us as children, but stays with us, stored as energy in our bodies for our whole lives…

A buse – physical ,sexual, mental
L oss – major loss, as in loss of parent, eg
A bandonment – children of Alcoholics often feel this
R ejection (Bullying or Neglect)
M ature too early

By mature too early, I mean being made to be the mother or father of the house too young, or having sex too early, or having to go out and work before you were prepared. Really anything that you weren’t ready for that knocked you off balance. That energy gets stored IN you and comes out in anxious expectations, stories and thoughts. It also comes out as depression.

Its not all bad news, as I’m creating a course right now to help integrate ALARM and direct treatment of anxiety at its source, using myself as the guinea pig… Its basically how I integrated the alarm that I felt in my body and how that eased the pressure on my mind to make sense of the painful energy in my body. Essentially it’s me as patient being treated by me as doctor and vs versa…My degree in neuroscience really helps me here too. Sometimes just knowing what is happening inside my brain and body and WHY my brain is wired this way allows me to be so much easier on myself!


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