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Here You Will Find Links To Resources Helpful In Understanding And Treating Anxiety

Dr. Lorne Brown is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and he runs a very busy clinic in Vancouver BC. In this Episode of his “Conscious Talks” series, we talk about anxiety and specifically get into why our children are suffering so much, and what we can do for them.

Below is a link to a PowerPoint talk Dr Kennedy gave at the University of Victoria in Victoria BC in 2017, talking about anxiety and what you can do about it.

I was at the end of my rope in 2013. I had burned out of medicine and fully ruptured my left Achilles tendon. I was mentally exhausted and physically debilitated, and my anxiety was at an all-time high. I was questioning if life was worth living if I had to spend every day in a 12-hour panic attack. A doctor in another discipline lead me on a psychedelic journey that lead me to a unique theory of anxiety that resulted in the teacher and leader I am today. There is a video at the end of this article that is CRITICAL for you to understand how to heal, because it will show you what anxiety is and what it isn’t.

The multi-talented Mary Jo Dionne (I swear she excels at everything) and I discuss my personal Journey with anxiety, starting with my childhood, growing up with a severely mentally ill dad. MJ and I talk about starting in Stand up Comedy together, the importance of laughter and ways to understand and treat anxiety that you probably haven’t heard of.

Mandy Ross is beautiful on the Inside as well as on the outside! We go deep into so many crucial things on this long, but riveting podcast. Understanding stress for what it truly is, the critical importance of finding tears to resolve old traumas that are locked in us and perpetuating our anxiety, and understanding that your worries aren’t trying to hurt you, they are trying to keep you safe!
Kelli Walker is an RN who, like me, has had her own struggles with anxiety. She is now using her podcast to help others understand and move past excessive fear and worry. We talk a lot about Health Anxiety in this episode and share some insights that will help you get a better hold on this common but debilitating condition.
Connor Beaton is a multi faceted and multi talented visionary and coach . He was an opera singer and then started “ManTalks” to give a platform for men to be able to speak out, and the group has grown to thousands of men. In this episode , among other topics in brain science and stress, we talk about how the default mode network (DMN) in our brains. The DMN is a “habit” your brain falls into based on your life experience, especially in childhood. The DMN can trap you for life unless you cultivate awareness of it, and we talk about doing just that.

Jeremy Roadruck is a speaker and author and a Master at many things, but probably best known as “the Kung Fu guy”. He is a 6th degree Black Belt (!) and just as masterful at understanding the human psyche. He is dedicated to helping kids get a good start in life. We talk about why kids are having such a hard time with mental health challenges in todays digital world. We go into the Social Engagement System that is present in all of us and soothes us when we are stressed. We dive into how the SES matures in response to tone of voice, touch, body language and facial expressions, and how we are this critical system is atrophying due to compulsive use of computer screens.

Heather Alice Shea is one of my favorite human beings. She’s a southern Belle on fire with ATTITUDE! Heather is an intuitive coach and has my combination of science and spirit. While she holds a Master’s in Psych counseling, her true gifts lie in her ability to see things that most don’t. You’ll hear a refreshingly progressive, psycho-spiritual psychedelic and neuroscientific look at anxiety in its many forms. You’ll also feel how bonded we are as kindred spirits, as we often talk for many hours, but don’t worry, this one is less than one.
I’ve known Robin Emmerich since 2012 when we attended a Hay House writers conference together. She is an expert in the subconscious mind and is a visionary coach and businesswoman. She left an unfulfilling career to do what she loves and she’s great at it. Her “Beauty and the Mess” line of yoga mats are both beautiful and inspiring. We talk about change and anxiety and stress and how to use your mind so it doesn’t wind up using you!

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